Siniat Furring Channel Clips

NameImageWidth (mm)BMT (mm)Length (mm)Code
Furring Channel Direct Fix 180mm Drop650.9205AC26-180
Furring Channel Direct Fix 80mm Drop650.9110AC26-80
Furring Channel Anchor Clip 7.5 Hole451.1567AC37-7H
Furring Channel Anchor Clip M6 Thread451.1570AC37-M6
Furring Channel Joiner501.15100AC38
Furring Channel to Top Cross Rail- Clik Clak120.7564AC39 (Clik Clak)
*Spring Adjustable C26 Clip Furring Channel650.9/0.8110AC52
*Furring Channel to Top Cross Rail Swivel Clip520.75/1.1570AC79S
Grip Clip (Wall use only)751.529ACGRIP
Grip Clip Long (Wall use only)751.549ACGRIP-LONG
Furring Chanel Adjustable Mount500.825ACFCAM
  • *Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply.