Siniat Contrapanel


  • Excellent broadband sound diffusion and absorption for superior acoustic comfort in large spaces
  • Attractive modern design available in both perforated and non-perforated styles
  • Pre-finished, laminated surface for fast and simple installation and maintenance
  • Highly durable, robust glass fibre reinforced design with strengthened backing paper
  • Unique built-in air purifying CLEANEO Technology that removes odours and pollutants to improve the overall quality of indoor air


Contrapanel is a robust wall and ceiling lining specially developed to provide outstanding acoustic performance with a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Excellent sound diffusion and absorption delivers acoustic comfort in large open spaces, whilst the glass fibre reinforced structure and strengthened backing paper enable a high degree of mechanical resistance and durability. Panels are prefinished with an attractive, white laminated, dirt resistant surface, making them easy to install, clean and maintain.

Due to its robustness, Contrapanel can be fully integrated with the wall construction, creating an attractive, uniform wall surface with the superior acoustic performance. Contrapanel is perfect for use in large open areas which require a tough, low maintenance wall and ceiling solution that delivers both beautiful design and excellent acoustical performance. Due to its attractive white design and robust finish, Contrapanel is the ideal solution for providing a durable modern look for high traffic commercial applications, where it can also help to reduce the need for excessive lighting. This makes it the perfect acoustic choice for education, sports, infrastructure, entertainment, hospitality, recreational and multi-functional facilities.

Contrapanel is now equipped with CLEANEO Air Purifying Technology, which removes both smells and airborne pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), improving the overall air quality.