Fletcher’s Pink® Batts Insulation

Pink® Batts have been the premium standard glass insulation in millions of homes since the 1950’s.

Pink® Batts are designed to be firm, yet softer to handle than other glass insulation brands, so cutting and installation is easy. And when they are fitted, they hold in place, so you can be confident that the glass insulation you install will perform better for longer.

With Fletchers Pink® Batts throughout your home, your cooling and heating systems will work more efficiently and be cheaper to run. As you save money, you’ll help save the environment too. Our insulation is bio-soluble, manufactured from up to 80% recycled materials, and specifically designed for our harsh Australian conditions.  Whether you are renovating or building a new home, Pink® Batts can help keep your home cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and more comfortable all year round.

Pink® Batts have been made in Australia since the 1950’s.
In that time, they have been used in millions of homes, and
thousands of architecturally significant buildings.

Choosing the right Batt for you.
Installation Guide

R-Value Thickness Width Length No. of batts per pack m² per pack Coverage per pack (m2) No. of packs per bale Product code
R1.5 Wall 70 430 1160 24 11.97 13.29 6 900166
580 1160 24 16.15 17.92 6 900167
R2.0 Wall 90 430 1160 24 11.97 13.29 5 901217
580 1160 24 16.15 17.92 5 901218
R2.5 Ceiling 130 430 1160 16 7.98 8.86 6 901254
580 1160 16 10.76 11.95 6 901255


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