HardieFlex Eaves Lining

Speed of Installation

Gun-nail to timber frames or screw to light gauge steel frames.

A smooth, flat, square edged sheet that is produced in the most common widths for eaves overhangs. For eaves or soffits wider than 750mm, HardieFlex cladding can be used. Sheets can be painted on site to create a flat panel look. They can be installed on timber or light gauge steel frames and can be cut to size easily with a score and snap knife. Can be hand or gun nailed providing nails are not over-driven.

NameLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Coverage per sheet (m2)
HardieFlex Eaves24004504.51.08
HardieFlex Eaves24006004.51.44
HardieFlex Eaves24007504.51.80